Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sights Set on 2010!

With only hours remaining in 2009, I can't help but look back at this past year and reflect on both the good and the bad times. Economic times of our sport have been tough, but being a "glass half full" type of guy I look at this as a plus. I work hard everyday for my money and making sure my head stays above the water in both fishing and family alike. With the country in a bit of a downward spiral financially, sponsors are tough for pro anglers to get, let alone keep. Being a up and comer in this industry I use this to my advantage. I'm using this time to continue to learn and the best way to do that is time on the water. Big money sponsorships are fading a bit but this means there's more opportunity for guys at the semi pro level like myself to build relationships with companies. Opportunities that may not have been there a few years ago are available now and if I continue to do my part, these relationships can really grow.

With this said, I am really picky on what products and what companies I align myself with and put next to my name. I use products that give me an advantage on the water and more importantly give me the edge over my competition. Honestly I see no reason in representing products that don't absolutely dominate when put to use. With the exception of being a good husband and son, my only goal in life is to be the best bass fisherman I can be. Life is short and the competition is stiff, I need to be able to trust my equipment when chasing this type of dream.

Biovex - One of Japan's most popular tackle manufacturers. Although not well known in the US, that will change in the future once these baits find their place in other angler's boats across the country. Biovex, leads the way in both lure design as well as lure action, thanks to well known designer Katsushi Umeda. I'm really looking forward to some of the new products that will be released in the near future. I'll be sure to post these baits as they become available.

Tru Tungsten - When on the water, I stop at nothing to give myself every advantage available to me. If your not using tungsten, than your missing the boat. There is no denying all the hype that comes from using tungsten tackle, in fact the hype isn't opinion, it's fact. Tungsten is much more dense than lead, which is better in that it is more sensitive and smaller. I get hung up much less and the hardness of tungsten relays information much better than that of lead.

Gamma - Every good fisherman knows your no better than the line your using. My opinion is that line is the most important part of your fishing arsenal. This is why I trust nothing but Gamma to get the job done. I use Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon for almost all my fishing. It's the strongest and most sensitive line on the market. I'm excited to announce the release of Gamma Touch Fluorocarbon for 2010. This fluoro is made for the spinning reel and is exceptional on dropshot and shakey head rigs. It provides all the benefits as it's well known brother Edge, but also is extremely manageable on spinning gear where other brands of fluorocarbon lack.

MiHatchii - Truely the most unique and efficient hooks on the market. Just when I thought that they couldn't make hooks much better than they already where, Fish Harder Companies teamed with some of the top tour level pros and the outcome has be awesome. Take one look at the Pro Flip Hook and you'll see what I mean. Use it once and you'll be hooked for life, no pun intended.

Super K Swim Jigs - Swim Jigs are one of the most deadly baits on the market and Super K is leading the way. These are finesse baits that can be power fished through anything and catch pigs. All Super K Swim Jigs come with a hand tied skirt that match any forage you can think of and best yet each one comes equipped with a stout 5/0 hook, bass bite and don't let go or should I say Super K bites and doesn't let go?!

LSD Designs - When your on the water as much as I am you find yourself in all sorts of different elements. LSD designs is who I trust to protect me and my gear. LSD's products protect in the harshest of conditions yet still have plenty of style. When your business is establishing a name in the fishing industry, appearance is very important and this is what separates LSD from it's competition.

Tacklesmith - There's no denying that internet is the way of the future, it's where I go to buy all my gear. is where I go to buy my hard to find products at the best prices. Check them out for all your tungsten needs!!

Ranger Boats - Is there anything more important than your ride? I've dreamed of owning a Ranger since I was a little kid and you could imagine just how thrilled I was the day I brought my first one home. There's no denying that Ranger Boats are the mold in which every other boat manufacturer strives to produce, why use any less?

Looking forward to 2010, I'm very excited for what's to come. This upcoming year is sure to be a test. My tentative plans are to fish the Silverado Pro Tour and some select local and Bassmaster Weekend Series tournaments as well. I'm looking real forward to the 2010 MN BASS Federation State Tournament held on Lake Minnetonka, where a top 12 will insure me a spot on the divisional team, which is one of my biggest goals for the season. Another goal I have my sight set on are competing in the Bassmaster Opens starting in 2011. I really want to make the push for the tour level and this is the most efficient way there. To better prepare myself for this level and everything that comes with it I've decided to enter into a couple this year and fish them on the Am side. Some of the lakes I'm looking into is Lake Amistad and Lake Texoma, both are regulars on every tour and good ones to learn from. I feel I'm ready to take the jump and begin to close the gap between mid level pro tourneys and tour level events. I've never fished on the Am side before and a couple events would be good for me. I'm hoping it will quickly excel my learning curve and give me a better shot for quick success competing against the best of the best in 2011.

Well I have a lot to be excited about for the upcoming year, but now it's time to go out and celebrate the end of a year to remember. Here's to 2009!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year. See you in 2010!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Record Breaking Christmas from Minnesota!

It's almost unbelievable how quickly things can change. My original plan for Christmas Eve was set to be a perfect one. I was going to be headed to one of my favorite winter fishing holes to tug on some brute smallmouths before heading out to spend the rest of the time with my entire family. Thank mother nature for ruining my plans. Now I'll be trading a G Loomis for a snow shovel and instead of excersizing smallies, I'll be the one getting the workout by shoveling up to a foot of snow from a blizzard that is set to break a 65 year old record in our region. Though disappointed, I do take some satisfaction in that our lakes are low and I was hoping for a lot of snow this winter to help fill them back up. I wasn't expecting it all to come at the same time though!

I did get out last Friday and thumped the smallies once again. Joining me where my good friends Rich Lindgren and Ryan Brant. The bite was consistent though there where no giants caught the overall size and numbers where good. I did manage a couple that where trying desperately to push the four pound mark, maybe in another month or so they'll be there.

Well I'm off to make sure the snow blower is locked and loaded. I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

My excitement level is already through the roof with the upcoming 2010 tournament season. First off, I'm ecstatic about my new relationship with one of the most influential tackle developers to date, Tru Tungsten and the rest of Fish Harder Companies. Included under the Fish Harder umbrella is not only the leading developer in tungsten made tackle in Tru Tungsten, but also well known companies, Picasso and Mihatchii. I have depended on a endless number of products from all these companies for years now, so to actually represent them out on the water is a feat all in it's own. I seriously can't say enough about what Fish harder has done for our sport, knowing I'll be using their products gives me a distinct advantage over the competition. What more could you ask for?

I'm also very pleased to announce that Josh Douglas Fishing, is now equipped for video. Recently I have been a guest for a couple episodes for "All About Bass" with Rich Lindgren. I've added our first episode which was shot over the 2009 MN Bass Opener and soon will be uploading the newest episode in which Rich and I head out for some early winter smallies.

This upcoming year I'm planning on adding a new "how to" style of episodes, little 6-10 minute shows where I'll be showing off the baits and teaching the techniques that have proven successful for me.

Well on another note I finally managed to get out and do some much needed smallie fishing. The temp never broke 20 degrees but the fish still managed to cooperate. With the cold snap that took over our region it definitely put the bass in a funk and it took some patient finessing to get them to bite. I managed to catch most of my good fish on a 3" Yum Tube (Green Pumpkin) with a 1/8 oz. Kalin's Tube Jig Head, and 8 lb. Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. I also got to break in a new rod and am more than impressed with the outcome. The G Loomis Bronzeback GLX spinning rod (SMR822S-SP-GLX) may be the best smallie rod on the market. With a fast yet sensitive tip and a powerful mid section, this rod offers all the advantages one could ask for and is surely worth every penny. The reel was a Shimano Sustain 2500. When I found myself around thick cover I would change to a Strike King Coffee Tube (Green Pumpkin) and a 1/8 oz. Tru Tungsten Ikey Head Jig, with 8 lb. Gamma Edge Fluorcarbon. For this I went with a bit heavier action rod in the G Loomis GLX (BSR852) and again had it equipped with a Shimano Sustain 2500 Spinning Reel. Check back soon to the "Video" portion of this site to view all the action from that day on the water.

Stay Warm!

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