Friday, December 23, 2011

G Loomis Goes Green!

Right before the holidays G Loomis introduced the new NRX Green Series to their already stellar line of fishing rods. I myself have used the original NRX rods for about two years now ever since the very first supply was made available and I can honestly tell you there isn't a better classic graphite rod on the market. With that said, there wasn't any changes made to the "Green" NRX with the exception of the cosmetic look so I wasn't exactly jumping out of my seat to run out and get my hands on these new green rods......until now!

I'm excited to report that the online tackle outlet, The Hooked Up Tackle has made the G Loomis NRX Green Series just a tad greener by offering a recycling program where you can trade out your old rods for stiff discounts on the new NRX Green Series Rods. Trade-in any G Loomis, St. Croix, Daiwa, Shimano or Dobyns rod and get 75% of the original retail value of your trade-in rod towards a new NRX Green rod! Now that's what I call recycling!

I have dabbled with other rods and pushed away sponsorships from other reputable rod makers through the years and still label myself a die hard Loomis guy. I have zero affiliation with the company except for my complete trust in their products. There's surely other great rods out there but I will fight to the end to say they're all chasing the mold that G Loomis continues to break!

The Hooked Up Tackle is offering a great promotion this holiday season, treat yourself and see why I depend on these rods day in and day out! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tackle Update: Introducing the Biovex Stangun Hyper 7 Spinnerbait

I've been receiving email after email wondering about the availability of the highly anticipated Biovex Stangun Hyper 7 Spinnerbait ever since my Bass Angler Magazine article was published this Fall showcasing the benefits of this unique bait. I'm excited to announce that Biovex, a top Japanese tackle manufacturer, has plans to make their products available to the U.S. market very soon, looking at mid 2012 to release their lineup.

The Stangun Real Hyper 7 is unique because of it's most obvious feature, all seven of its willow blades. This spinnerbait is so intriguing because it resembles a small school of baitfish instead of just one or two single fish. For proof, look at the sensation the Alabama Rig cast on the entire bass fishing community. We've been throwing single paddle tail swimbaits for years now with modest success but add five paddle tails on a single rig and all pandemonium breaks out. In similar fashion, we've been throwing spinnerbaits for decades if not a better part of a century and have shared that same modest success. Now add in the appealing schooling sensation that the Hyper 7 delivers and hold on, we've broke the mold!

I personally was drawn into the Biovex line of baits because of the original Stangun line of spinnerbaits. These spinnerbaits are a direct reflection of exactly what you come to expect from the entire Biovex line, innovative and improved action technology coupled with high detail, super realistic designs.

For more information on the Biovex Stangun Hyper 7 Spinnerbait please read my article in the Fall edition of Bass Angler Magazine or email me directly at Being that so many have shown early interest in the release date for the Hyper 7 to the U.S. market, I will be doing some giveaway contests in the very near future. Check back for more information next week or follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get your chance of being one of the first to whack a big one on the Biovex Stangun Hyper 7 Spinnerbait!

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