Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tackle Update: Introducing the Biovex Amp Jr.

The past week has been awesome! It's been real cold and nasty around here but lucky for us the ice gave in just before the cold arrived so it's business as usual for a guy like me. I've been without a boat for the last couple weeks as I'm awaiting the arrival of my engine, which I'm happy to announce my brand new Evinrude ETEC 225 H.O. will be strapped on first thing next week! Lucky for me I got some good buddies who have as equally good boats and even better they all share that overwhelming sick desire to withstand the cold temps, 30 mile an hour winds and sideways rains for the chance to jack up on a fat ass dandy!

I'm not kidding either when I say we've been dealing with some unseasonable weather. A week and a half ago it was pushing 70 outside, since then we've been dealing with highs in the low 40's and snow. Then take in factor that I've been rolling shotgun behind some pretty damn good sticks and you could guess that getting good bites are few and far between when in reality the getting has been good! Real good!

** 6.6 pounds!!

The fish aren't aggressive at all but lucky for me I found a bait that serves 'em up when the bite is rough and tough. Biovex has a bait perfect for facing these types of conditions, the Amp Jr. crankbait, a micro style crank that runs less then a foot under the surface. It runs similar to the Strike King Pro 1XS but a bit more seductively and blows away all the competition with it's top of line components and hand crafted good looks. I've been throwing this bait with very light 6 lb. monofilament line and the slowest of retrieves produces the biggest bites. I'm mean painstakingly slow, all you feel is the weight and your hooked into a giant.

I recall a tournament I had a couple years ago down on Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee. It was late fall and the lake was drawn down for the winter, all the bass were in the way backs of the creeks pushing balls of shad up into the super shallow coves. For the life of me I couldn't find the right crankbait that would perfectly imitate the size forage yet still run shallow enough to produce. Since it was fall, the leaves had mostly shed from the trees and sunk to the bottom of the cove making a crankbait that ran more than a foot completely useless as snagging leaves would immediately foul the retrieve. The Biovex Amp Jr. would be perfect in this exact situation as the bait runs terrific at about 6 to 8 inches. A quick stop and go retrieve when the bass are blowing up the shad will fill a limit in no time.

This time of year up in these neck of the woods I'm required to slow up my presentation considerably. The bass are moving shallow by the day but the cold water has got them turned off. A slow dragging presentation works fantastic and a lot of the times the fish will take it on the stop. One major bonus of the Biovex Amp Jr. is that no matter how fast or how slow you work the bait it maintains it's seductive wiggle.

Biovex baits will be available to the U.S. in the near future, please feel free to contact me for more information about any of their products.

See you on the water!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Step Closer

What a day! The sun has been shining, the air temp has been well over 60 and with the future forecast the local lakes will be rid of their ice in no time. Better yet, today I ordered my new Evinrude Etec HO 225 outboard! Dude, I am straight jacked! I've put a lot of love into my boat that I just couldn't get myself to sell it. I have all the top of the line electronics between both Lowrance and Humminbird units and more importantly they are all rigged exactly the way I want them to be. I have a new jackplate and just mid last season I added a brand new Minnkota Fortrex 101 to the bow. All my boat batteries are new last season as well as new seat skins sitting next to me just waiting to be put on.

I also put brand new tires on the trailer as well as all new brakes and master cylinder. I even got a new swing away tongue. All this and my only real issue was my engine that has a bragable 1000 hours on it as well as a warranty that freshly expired.

I looked at pricing out a new boat but in the end, I really really like my boat and now that my new engine is on order I can simply concentrate on fishing and enjoy the fact that I have a all around new boat that is already pimped exactly to my liking.

Next in line will be matching Power Poles and trust me they'll be mounted on sooner than later.

See you on the water!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Northwest Sport Show

Finally! The Sport Show is gone and passed! Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy working the shows but the ending of the show means fishing season is underway! The long winter is over and the temps stay steadying in the mid 50's, the lakes ice is on it's last stand.

The show itself went great. The Navionics booth was hopping as usual, everybody very excited about the new lake map application by iPhone and Android. The different vendors were very pleased as well as people were out in droves to cash in on all the deals floating around.

I got my new St. Croix Fiberglass Glass Rod for a great price and my boy Ryan Brant picked up a couple Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 Spinning Reels for just over $160 a piece! Capra's Sporting Goods was selling G Loomis NRX Rods like they were the last rod made. I guess the words finally out.

I also got the privilege to hang out and have dinner with the walleye legend himself, Tommy Skarlis as well as Navionics own, Jeff Brodeur. Lets just say I'm glad ole' Tommy stays on the walleye side, I really wouldn't want to try to compete against that guy on the regular, dude's a stick! I got the opportunity to hear about whats in the works for Navionics and there continuing efforts of providing the best and most detailed maps available. It's real easy to represent a company when you have 100% confidence in them.

All in all, the show went great but now that it's over let the fishing begin! It's so sweet when I can finally exit a post with.......

See you on the water.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Northwest Sport Show Preview

Today was my first day working the Northwest Sport Show representing the Navionics booth. I figured I should actually wait to bust out a preview post until I had actually experienced first hand what the show has to offer, before the masses make it out this weekend.
To my surprise the show actually had good attendance for a Thursday afternoon, so I'm banking that the weekend should be jammed packed. I'll personally be on sight all day for the remainder of the show so be sure to stop by the Navionics booth and talk shop.

There's some steal deals to be found out there as well. I mean come on, a guys got to get when the getting is good and I'm flat psyched about the new rod I picked up for a good deal at the Capra's booth. I'm a 100% G Loomis guy but today that changed to about 95% as I hooked into the new St. Croix Mojo Glass Rod. This rod is perfect for what I'm looking for, I won't tell ya what I paid for it but it retails for only $120 bucks! I know Loomis carries a similar rod, trust me I have a few, but this particular rod I'm banking to be very technique specific. I want to tell ya, but I'm not giving that up!

If you make it out tomorrow, Scott Petersen of Humminbird is slated to give a seminar on fishing electronics. Scott's the man at pulling your full potential out of today's electronic units. Don't be surprised if you see me taking a much needed break from the booth to pull a few secrets away to us on my Humminbird this summer.

See you at the Show!!

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